Project 1

Project Name: Brisbane Airport Preparation of pad for Electrical Transformer

Customer Name: EPHO Commercial

Started: 13/09/18

Description: Carefully expose existing services (LV, HV, Watermain), excavate 1.5m deep, supply and install geofabric-wrapped 400mm thick rock bridging layer, this will help support the uni-culvert slab and Electrical Transformer Kiosk.

Once the uni-culvert is installed, we will re-visit the site and provide sand back-fill, a watercart (to assist with compaction of sand), and a Vibrating Plate attachment mounted on a tilt-hitch 8t Excavator, which will enable the operator to place and compact the sand in a safe and controlled manner.

Future Works: There is another Electrical Transformer Pad filling project proposed for Pandanus Ave in the near future.

1EHPO Photo of geofabric and rock being placed

Project 2

Project Name: Brisbane Airport РInstallation of precast Uni-culverts for Electrical Transformer.

Customer Name: EPHO Commercial

Started: 27/09/18
Description of Works: Following on from the excavation and placement of a geofabric wrapped rock bridging layer, Herbies Earthmoving were commissioned to carefully place crusher dust bedding and install 2No precast concrete Uni-culverts and base slabs. The activity involved 2 Excavators (the 9.5T Exc had a knuckle-boom, tilt hitch and vibe-plate attachment) to carefully convey the material over the existing water-main service.

Once the bedding surface was compacted, the area was laser-leveled and installation of the Uni-culverts followed.

The work area was very restricted and proved challenging, however with careful planning, the right machines for the job, and highly experienced operators, we had a very successful day.

Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

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Project 3